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The Voice Box

Seeking to Establish and Share Knowledge and Understanding


Below are a selection of links to other sites, although we at the The Voice Box may not necessarily endorse their content, or the Information contained within, even so, we believe that everyone is entitled to make up their own minds. We do therefore offer the opportunity for readers to have information to others sites with the same or similar subject matter.

Mediums and Psychic Advisers

Sue Reeder

Psychic Artist

Vistit Sue's website and view her gallery and read the testimonials given.

Read about her progression as a Psychic Artist and how to obtain a psychic art drawing

Jo Bradley

Psychic Medium

Visit Jo's pages and read her testimonials

read about her spiritual progression and her work

Also see Jo's Book in Kindle Book Form - Spirit in the Physical, at the following address


Mesothelioma Symptoms

Cancer information and facts

42% of cancer patients worldwide who pursued alternative treatments engaged in faith and spiritual healing. This significant percentage shows the importance spiritual healing plays in the lives of many patients. Adopting spiritual healing techniques allowed these patients to find both motivation and perspective, providing the balance needed to improve their attitude and create a disciplined regimen. These long term survivors recognized early on that finding this spiritual source of healing was the first step to successfully fighting this disease.,

News Papers & Magazines

The Paranormal Review

The Personal Website of Roy Stemman

The Psychic Times

A web based newsleter devoted to current psychic issues


Psypioneer is an electronic newsletter that generally only publishes researched material about spiritualistic pioneers and their history

This means that we research all our material often to the actual and original source so that the information is factual and correct.

With so much erronour information in books and on the web, generally we aim to simply give the facts as they originated.

PsyPioneer is a monthly free journal.

You can obtain it free and direct by sending an e-mail entitled "Subscribe" to [email protected]

Founded in 1887 by famous Victorian medium Emma Hardinge Britten.

Two Worlds is an independent publication and runs to 76 pages monthly.

If anyone would like a sample copy, they can e-mail their address,

to Tony Ortzen, the editor and he will pop a copy in the post to you...

E-mail [email protected]

[email protected]

Spiritual & Information Sites

Survival After Death

Who We Are was started by Thomas Jones of Wales and David Duffield of West Virginia on April 11th 

2002 with the aim of publishing articles, books and photographs relating to survival after death and psychical 

research. We were an independent group which regularly cooperates with several distinguished psychical 

researchers and parapsychologists. is now managed by Webmaster Kevin Williams of

What We Do

1. Provide free and easy access to large quantities of material on survival after death and psychical research.

2. Keep you updated with the latest news and developments. See our New Page.

3. Help and assist others with survival-related articles, books and projects.

Robert Cracknell"Psychic Detective and Paranormal Investigator"

Often hailed as the UK's No 1 Psychic Detective. Not only has he helped the Police on many occasions

with many different crimes included the Yorkshire Ripper Case, but many ordinary members of the public too, and with excellent results.

An Interesting site worth visiting

Sunny Burgess

"The Spirit Listener"

An Enlish Medium living and working in Australia

Sunny also works in the UK and often visits Stanstead Hall.

Wayne Goundry

"Transfiguration Medium"

Dunfermline ASK is a non denominational organization which promotes Spiritualism through Divine Services every Sunday, Demonstrations of Clairvoyance, Spiritual Healing, Private Consultations, Workshops, Open Days, and other types of mediumship, some of which are open to the public at various times through the year

Victor Zammit, A Lawyer Looks at the Case for the Afterlife

White Feather, this is the personnel site of Trance Medium Robert Goodwin. Robert works as a Channel To White Feather his Guide, who is a member of the White Brotherhood. A Spirit Group whose sole purpose is to try and bring to mankind the teachings and philosophy of spirit.

The Campaign for Philosophical Freedom

Survival e-books, personal website of David Duffield, contains many e books now out of print

Tranceskolen, Tommy Christenson personal site, Teacher of Trance for both Physical and Mental Mediumship

The Saahera Centre

An Information site dealing with all things in relation to Spiritual Development, Philosophy, Healing and much, much more.

The Psychic Highway & The Little Sanctuary

The Personal sites of Helen Davidson

Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP)

Educational Trusts, Colleges and Research Centres

Jenny's Sanctuary

An Eduacational Centre for the Development and Promotion of Spiritual Gifts

The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain

The Spiritualists' National Union

The College of Psychic Studies

The Leslie Flint Educational Trust

The Society for Physical Research

Discussion Groups and Forums

Psychic Revolution

is the website of Rosemary Breen

CEO and founder of Psychic Revolution where paranormal phenomena is the norm.

The Spiritualist Link

The Spiritualist Chatroom

Physical Mediumship Forum

An excellent site were All aspects of Pysical Mediumship is discussed

The Skeptical Forum

The Spiritual Forum